One Disaster is Enough. Don’t Let Your Insurance Claim be Another.

Helping Residential & Commercial Policyholders Receive Greater Returns on Insurance Claims

60 years Combined Public Adjusting Experience



Every Business/Commercial claim is unique, but one thing that remains constant is that the main objective is to return the day-to-day operations back to normal as soon as possible.


When a significant loss occurs in your home a vast rush of emotions including panic can overwhelm the home owner. The experts at Oland Property Loss Consultants are here to assist you from the very beginning and ensure you are able to focus on what's most important... Your Family.


Protecting Your Interests

Would you go to court without an attorney representing you? Of course not, so why deal with the insurance company without someone professionally representing your interests?

Oland Property Loss Consultants brings together a team of experienced Public Insurance Adjusters. A Public Adjuster is an independent licensed insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on his or her behalf. As your Public Adjusters, we work only for you and have only your best interests in mind.


Licensed in 11 States

We represent Home Owners, Business Owners, and Commercial Property Owners. We are currently licensed in 11 states. We are highly regarded in the field. Our name in the business is second to none.

road to recovery

Maximizing Your Recovery

Oland Property Loss Consultants will evaluate your coverages, prepare a comprehensive claim on your behalf, and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. We not only ensure you maximize your recovery but do so in a timely manner, allowing you to return to your day-to-day life as quickly as possible.

Let Us Help You

Having a significant loss to your home or business can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to handle. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your insurance company has your best interests in mind. REQUEST A COMPLIMENTARY CLAIM CONSULTATION AND LEARN HOW OLAND PROPERTY LOSS CONSULTANTS, LTD. CAN ASSIST YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED. CALL +1 (516) 822-9793