Guiding You Through Every Step of the Claims Process

When a significant loss occurs in your home, a vast rush of emotions can overwhelm the homeowner, including panic. Questions such as; “Where will we live?” and “What are we supposed to do now?” are some of the thoughts that will immediately come to mind.

Oland Property Loss Consultants is designed to immediately step in and help alleviate these fears by working with our trusted strategic partners to minimize any further damage, assist in securing temporary housing.

Oland Property Loss Consultants will take the necessary steps in order to maximize your recovery in the most expeditious time possible by performing the following tasks:

  • A thorough review of your insurance policy
  • Provide a comprehensive building repair estimate completed by industry-renowned building consultants.
  • Complete a full content loss evaluation, including photographs and supporting documentation of the claim.
  • A detailed listing of all additional expenses you have incurred during the period of restoration for reimbursement

Oland Property Loss Consultants are your advocates throughout the entire process, handling all communications, meetings, and documentation requests with your insurance carrier. This allows you to return to your day to day responsible

Contact Oland Property Loss Consultants today for a free consultation to discuss the claims process and how we can be of assistance to you get back into your home as soon as possible.